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(a contemporary) phantasmagoria

Peacocks & Mesh

Extempore 24

A Modern Universal

Ghosts In The Machine

After The Performance

Crash Ride Snare

Tension Graduate Show 2023

Sharon Paulger

Jenny Timmer

Lydia Porter & Sam Wills

Pat Naldi

Tim Carson

 Tension Graduate Show 2022

 Ken Turner

 Raf Klein

 Jackie Tye

 Tom Cardew

 Nick Cash

 Suzanne Moxhay & Jenny Klein

Nik Ramage

Shou-An Chiang, Yu Leng, Farrah Li,  Anastassia Radsenko, Ch Wu & Beier Xie

Charles Binns, Marion Mandeng & Antony Wilder

Mary Gordon-Smith, Walter Hayn, Angele Lautier & James O’Hara

Becky Lyon & Saroj Patel

Aleksandr Tishkov

Stuart Elliot, Julian Lowe & Mark Wallinger

Lara Orawski

Katarina Rankovic

Tom Cardew

Marylyn Molisso

Julian Sharples

Tension does not accept unsolicited submissions or proposals

We are an artist run gallery dedicated to showcasing the work and raising the profiles of emerging and mid career local, national and international artists. We show a mixture of contemporary & experimental art that questions what art is and what art could be.

135 Maple Road
SE20 8LP


Friday - Saturday
11am - 5pm


by appointment