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We are an artist run gallery dedicated to showcasing the work and raising the profiles of emerging local, national and international artists.

We show a mixture of contemporary & experimental art that questions what art is and what art could be.

Amongst Giants – Tim Carson- 2023

“…our dust is blowing along the road.” – John Bunker – 2023

Cityscapes – Ben Smith – 2023

Ukraine Suite – Pam Skelton – 2022

Under Construction – More Images to Follow

Soliloquy – Ken Turner – 2022

You Can’t Tell By Lookin – Curated by Kate Love – 2019

Under Construction – More Images to Follow

Starving In The Belly Of A Whale – Lara Orawaski – 2019

Vernacular Spectacular – Katarina Rankovic – 2019

I Forget Why I Live To remeber – Tom Cardew – 2019

Snap Crackle Pop  – Marylyn Molisso – 2019

Cell Graffiti – Julian Sharples – 2019

Seven prints are fixed to white walls inside a gallery. There are two televisions on the floor plugged into wall sockets. Fine Art Gallery in London. Collectable art in Penge.