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Curated by 

  Alison Aye & Ken Turner

Extempore 24  

22 February-2 March 

Extempore 24 is an exhibition curated by Alison Aye and Ken Turner. It aims to explore the spontaneity and willingness of the artists to come together ‘in real life’ and be part of the Tension community.

As contemporary artists, living in a post-Lockdown world of virtual meetings and social media, it is often hard to make real connections. Extempore 24 aims to dispose of superficiality, put names to actual faces, build relationships and physical community.

Artists were invited via Instagram, approximately 2 weeks before the installation date, to take part in this impromptu exhibition. The only requirements being; a piece of art in any medium, no larger than 40 x 40cm, to be installed by the artists on the same day as a party.

Lea Andrews
Alison Aye
Alex Baker
Helen Barff
Georgie Bates
Simon Betts
Charles Binns
Petra Bishai
Sharon Blair
Ian Boutell
Shanne Bradley
Olivia Browne
James Bryant
Charlotte Buckler
John Bunker
Scott Button
Tim Carson
Nick Cash
Nathan Cash Davidson
Stephanie Conway
Sarah Core
Alexander Costello
Susan Cox
Linda Crook


Janet Currier
Hazel Dance
Matt Dennis
Paul Dewis
Mandeep Dillon
Bobby Dowler
Theo Ellison
Hester Finch
Matt Foster
Jamie Iain Genovese
Emily Jo Gibbs
Carrie Grainger
Matt Hale
Gunther Herbst
Harriet Hill
Simon Hiscock
Tom Hogan
Lizzie Hughes
Stephen Jaques
Sara Kelly
Rod Kitson
Rafael Klein
Jenny Klein
Peter Lamb

Angele Lautier
Henny Lees
Ky Lewis
Caroline List
Angela Lucas
Gina Ludwig
David Mabb
Alistair MacKillop
Laura Madeley
Charlotte Malik
Heather Martin
Heather Fiona Martin
Ruth Martin
Duncan McAfee
Claire Mc Dermott
Pat Naldi
Barbara Nicholls
Will Nicholls
Jesse Nicholls
Laurence Noga
Dermot O’Brien
James O’Hara
Lara Orawski
Clement Page

Sharon Paulger
Lisa Pettibone
Grace Piddington-Donald
Simon Pike
Elsie Plimmer
Debra Pollarini
Christina Reading
Catriona Robertson
Gareth Schweitzer
Kay Senior
Ben Smith
Michael Stubbs
Stefan Szczelkun
Donald Takeshita-Guy
Jenny Timmer
Ken Turner
Natasha Turner
Nathan Trost
Erika Trotzig
Jackie Tye
Erika Winstone

We are an artist run gallery dedicated to showcasing the work and raising the profiles of emerging and mid career local, national and international artists. We show a mixture of contemporary & experimental art that questions what art is and what art could be.

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