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     Alex Baker  Alexander Costello  

Kit Poulson  NaoKo TakaHasi  

A Modern Universal  

25 Nov-16 Dec

We look at the same thing and see different things. 

We act in the same space and do different things.

We meet in a haze of interference; the sum output of the continual accretive engagement with all that is around us and that we are around. Each and every part in a game of orbiting intra-action and intra-weaving connections. Each moment registering, deciphering and re-registering. Making sense.

These four artists come together somewhere inside of this. They are good friends, old friends. They are familiar with the things that each other makes, but they are not the same person or a collective of persons, who just happen to be all looking at the same thing, at the same time, sometimes.

This exhibition is a moving on of things, forwards, sideways, upwards, backwards, inwards and outwards, shake it all about-wards. A juggling of position, creating and amplifying positive reactions as subtle differences interact. A structure that is essential in generating new and unexpected encounters. Baker, Costello, Poulson and TakaHashi lean into this as a means to realise ideas, drawing them further beyond the inevitable event horizon

Alex Baker

Baker explores the physical presence of sound, visual perception and memory. Manipulating simple components, he creates displaced experiences of the world that oscillate between states of potential and kinetic energy. He works with sculpture, sound installation, performance, drawing and video, guided by a fascination with patterns, rhythms and the interconnectedness of things.



Alexander Costello

Costello is a sculptor, performance and video artist that works from the position that ‘it’s not about the thing, it’s about all of it and doing things’. Ideas and work are generated through an interest in challenging and exposing the everyday absurdity of perceived normality; the simultaneous pursuit of the infinite and finite; the origin and location of idea; and the exploration of processes that are in themselves the truth in the work, often undermined by a resulting outcome. Misinterpretation and miscommunication of action and language, and an impulse to consistently re-consider form and composition, support and bring balance to endeavours.

Kit Poulson

Poulson usually describes himself as a painter although he frequently uses writing, performance and constructions, often working collaboratively. His paintings combine a complex history of ideas with an ever-present possibility of re-invention, a site of radical possibility. His work explores the boundaries of what a painted surface might be, whilst remaining resolutely concerned with a sense of two dimensionality. 

NaoKo TakaHashi

TakaHashi is an artist who uses a variety of mediums, including installation, performance, text, sound, video, objects and drawing. She has been exploring live performances with words verbally activated by participants and interested in the openness which allows unexpected elements to occur in the process of making work, exploring the aspect of coexistence through the practice of making-with others.




Image Credit; Jan Windszus

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