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Sale: Central Saint Martins at the Tate Modern

Last Saturday 18th January, Tension Fine Art’s very own Ken Turner took part in Tate Exchange x Central Saint Martins at the Tate Modern. This year’s theme was ‘Sale’ which explored the widening gap between rich and poor. The public were invited to print their own ‘money’ and could then spend it on various artworks produced by the students of CSM.

About Central Saint Martins

Central Saint Martins is a world-renowned arts and design college which brings together a diverse range of creative practices under one roof. This is the fourth year that students and staff from the art programme have created a week long set of events and practical activities that directly address and engage with the audience.

Tension Fine Art

Ken Turner set about guessing the ages of anyone who wanted to take part, if he guessed the age incorrectly then the player won a prize. Drawing equipment kept the younger budding artists entertained, and they had their drawings hung up in the Tate Modern.

It was a great day, and kept us busy from start until close. Thanks to everyone that came along!


© Belinda Lawley

© Belinda Lawley


Tension Fine Art at the Tate Modern © Belinda Lawley

© Belinda Lawley