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Public Programme
All events are free to attend. Booking is required.


Artist Talk and Non-Human ‘Life’ Drawing 
Saturday 14th December 2019
12pm – 1.30pm

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Join us for coffee and conversation about life.formed with artists Saroj Patel and Becky Lyon before getting up close and personal with the ‘ecosystem’ through some non-human life drawing!

Basic materials will be provided but feel free to bring your own!



ELASTIC NATURE #6: Other Ecologies and Meditation 
Saturday 4th January 2020
12pm – 1.30pm

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Start the new year with a curious combination of uplifting, action-focused open conversation, question-making, thought experiments and meditation around the concept of ‘Other Ecologies’.

What happens if we take ‘humans’ out of the centre of the conversation and centre around ‘other’ things? Do we need a new lexicon for discussing what we refer to as ‘planet’, ‘environment’, ‘nature’, ‘biosphere’, ‘climate’, ‘ecology’? What strategies are there for ‘thinking’ with nature? Everyone is invited and everything is encouraged. Come with your own question, lead a quickfire activity or just come along and listen.

To get us in an ‘other’ mindset we will be starting the day with meditation with the wonderful Jal Hilson.

This workshop takes cues from life.formed: shapes of non-human ecologies by Saroj Patel and Becky Lyon.

Please join at 11.45am for a 12pm start.