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Public Programme – all events are free to attend
Join us for the following events as part of Foursight with Mary Gordon-Smith, Walter Hayn, Angele Lautier and James O’Hara:


Artists in conversation with Jorella Andrews 
Saturday 25th January 2020
2pm – 4pm

Jorella is Reader in the Visual Culture Department at Goldsmiths
University, and is involved in the local art scene. She has written several  books, the latest being ‘The Question of Painting’. Jorella and the artists will explore the exhibition ‘Foursight, and everything in between’, firstly in relation to individual processes of looking, making and displaying the resulting art, and then thinking about insights that have emerged as a result of these artworks being displayed together in this space.

Closing Party
Saturday 1st February 2020
2pm – 5pm

Afternoon tea party to celebrate the end of the show, and the SE20 Art Group’s continuing connection with Tension. Come and have a cup of tea and a biscuit, see the work and meet the artists.
We look forward to seeing you there!