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Lara Orawski



This installation is an exhibit of found and discarded thoughts and things, a sort of shrine to the stimuli that form our surroundings and program our existence. This work sculpturally challenges the gallery space to interrogate the real and imagined superficial materials that surround us, using combined organic and inorganic refuse materials to create new creature thoughts of where we are headed with environmental and biological change. It is an interrogation of how the seemingly innocuous becomes a part of us over time and informs our action. How do over-saturation and over-consumption activate the mind and dull the senses? The works are a visual nod to the shadows of Plato’s cave and the story of Pinocchio, where he is faced with darkness to engage in a selfless act, ultimately making him real. The materials used are unreal and surround us in daily life as disposable, the intention is to make the gallery space the belly of the beast and the inorganic materials are trapped hoping to become real.

Artist Bio

A recent graduate from Central Saint Martins, with a Masters in Photography and Philosophy, Lara’s approach to art shifts between the analog photographic and her sculptural processes. Influenced by a background in psychology and sociology, she explores how we inform the environment and express the human experience within it. In her work, she explores the innate as confounded by and simultaneously dominant over the forces that exist outside of it as the paradox of human nature. Her practice predominantly focuses on the impacts of environmental manipulation and its inheritance to the future of our collective evolution. Using a wide variety of raw and refuse materials, her processes and methodologies are an attempt to create a philosophical order out of our inherent disorder. The pieces will never truly reconcile, so they are reformed to make something new.


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