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Detritus: what has been worn away. Join us at Tension Fine Art for a day of cascading performances. A mixture of experimental, finished and unfinished works in durational, interactive, momentary, and material-based Live Art.

The performances will begin and end on staggered start times, so from open until close there will be something to experience. Exploring a range of topics, each of the works navigate the impermanence of performance and its materials.

Starting with all their materials on display, throughout the day these will be destroyed, altered, and trashed as the performers enact their rituals and removals. 23rd October 2021

Timings and works TBC

Participating artists: Indigo Ayling, Laura Bradley, Anna Dean, Jennifer Martin, Sal Morton, other_kat, Dani Surname, Rosie Vincent

Entrance restrictions may apply in order to comply with safe social distancing. 

For more details please see our future exhibitions page:

Normal opening hours: Thursday to Saturday 11am-5pm, Or by prior appointment