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Paul Dewis – Jefford Horrigan    

Peacocks & Mesh  

9 March-27 April

Paul Dewis works with woodcut, print and paint and Jefford Horrigan performance, video and sculpture. While working in different media, they both share cutting, matting, layering and colour and make work which becomes manifest in different states at different times.

Paul Dewis

Paul Dewis works with print to make complex, multi layered, vibrantly coloured images which are collaged together with photographs often taken with cheap charity shop point and shoot cameras, usually at night, of the overlooked, ignored and peripheral, fenced off corners of the artist’s environment. Selected black and white photographic negatives, from a vast and ever expanding jumbled collection are sifted through, cut up, rearranged and printed as contact sheets in the darkroom. Sections are then enlarged as the starting point of the prints. Dewis utilises and brings together a wide range of techniques and processes within his work. Often combining digital, collagraph and woodcut to make variable editions, unique prints and paintings. The rich colours and densely detailed surfaces of his prints invite and reward both a macro and micro viewing of the work.
Recent work sits in a hybrid space between print and painting and utilizes a more montage, filmic aesthetic.



Jefford Horrigan 

Jefford Horrigan moves, manipulates and sometimes dances with furniture until it becomes a different entity. The emotional atmosphere altered in an arena of the common place. Man at His Toilet and Catherine of Braganza featured in this exhibition both involve dressing and exist as film, and in another life a performance, a sculpture and drawing.
Jefford Horrigan lives and works in London. He makes short performances and small films, rooted in sculpture but jealous of painting. Amongst other projects, he has exhibited and performed at Ken Artspace. 303 Projects CIC, Lowestoft. Ragged School Museum. Whitechapel Gallery. Estorick Collection. Focal Point Gallery, Southend. ROM 8. Bergen. MaGNUM, Brooklyn NY. Beaconsfield. Tate Britain. Mead Gallery, Warwick Arts Centre. Transmission Gallery, Glasgow. Clockwork Gallery, Berlin. South London Art Gallery. Institute of Contemporary Art, London. Centrum, Berlin. Modern Art Oxford. Nose, Blind and Humming at San Mei Gallery.

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